About Us

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Myniak Company Limited is a premier energy company in Ghana with over decade of remarkable experience.

We have a track record of diligently collaborating with the GHanaian government and private companies to fulfill the development and sustainability of Ghana's energy landscape by proffering state of the art energy solutions.

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Myniak Company Limited has also built up an extensive network of financers and suppliers, which enables it to enjoy cost savings, quality and reliable supply services at every level such as building materials, equipment, tiles, pipes, buses and frozen foods.

Mynaik Company Limited also specializes in consulting services, establishing business relationships with oil product sources, sellers, brokers and buyers and working as a facilitating consultants for real estate owners, brokers, and investment buyers specializing in Hotels, New Town Development, and Residence & commercial buildings.

We are privileged to have direct access to some of the world's strongest providers of Agrotech, and other commodities, which are prepared to deliver product to qualified buyers on time, speed and accuracy.


To be the principal driving force behind Ghana's Energy sustainability and a global leader in groundbreaking energy solutions


We are committed to providing cutting edge solutions in line with the energy needs of Ghana, while fostering a sustainable and prosperous future through instrumental energy projects

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